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Computing power for Oxford United in the Community

Oxford United in the Community works with hundreds of children every year in schools and grassroots clubs, not only to promote fitness, but also using football as a tool to help young people engage with their education, to develop confidence, aspiration and important life skills. The charity also engages in those children’s families, offering older residents social opportunities and fitness programmes such as walking football, and working with other local charities and statutory agencies around physical and mental health and access to employment.

Oxford United in the Community staff manage complex projects on a daily basis, both in the office and on site, such as holiday courses, after school clubs, PE lessons and so on. In order to do so they need to be able to reply on effective IT equipment. In order to produce and monitor registers and keep closely in touch with parents, carers and teachers. For a small charity, it is the core essentials are the last priority for renewal when funds are tight.

Oxford Round Table was able to give Oxford United in the Community a donation of £4,100 that enabled the charity to buy eight laptops complete with keyboards and mice. This had had a significant impact on the operational efficiency and consistency of their programmes and made it easier for the team to work more effectively.

Kate Longworth of OUFC said, “We would like to express our sincere thanks to Oxford Round Table for recognising the importance of support for core functions in our charity. The support that they have so generously provided has impacted on every beneficiary of the charity’s programmes.”

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