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The Round Table Family

Round Table is just one of a family of organisations, giving back to their community and providing the chance to try something new.

Round Table is open to men aged 18-45 and through events such as the annual fireworks display we raise money, offer practical support and run events for local charities. With over 35,000 members in 60 different countries we all stand for fun, friendship, and service in our communities.

If you're interested in joining us, or finding out more then please get in touch.

Ladies Circle is open to women aged 18-45 and is Round Table's sister organisation, sharing the same core values of friends, having fun and supporting local causes.

41 Club and Tangent - Once Round Table or Ladies Circle members have left their respective clubs at 45, they can move onto 41 club (association of ex-Tablers) or Tangent.

Who's Who 2018-19

Honorary President: Christian Petersen
Chairman: Neil Holdstock
Vice Chairman: Adam Harris
Secretary: Chris Langston
Treasurer: David Shepherd
Immediate Past Chairman: Jon Krupnik-Kay

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